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Get a jumpstart on your recovery with cash for Broken Contents Living Expenses Loss of Income Child/Elder Care

Introducing revolutionary earthquake coverage

How We Do It

Conventional earthquake insurance is designed to cover a complete loss of your home—with high premiums and deductibles to match.

Jumpstart is different. We know that even in a large quake, most people experience minor damage. Our goal is to give you $10,000—quickly—to cover your immediate needs after the quake.

“Traditional earthquake insurance is not affordable. $10,000 would have covered my costs from the 2014 [Napa, CA] quake.”

CA Earthquake Victim

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Who we are

Jumpstart Recovery is a Benefit Corporation founded with the social mission to increase economic stimulus following natural disasters such as earthquakes. Our California earthquake insurance, set to launch in 2017, is the first product of many in our pipeline. One of the world’s leading reinsurance firms ensures full payouts.


Jumpstart is not an insurance company and the insurance concept described herein does not yet exist. If Jumpstart succeeds in making coverage available, the policy offered could differ from the features described here, in its terms, conditions, limits of coverage, exclusions, etc. Eligibility for products and services, when available, would be subject to underwriting by the providing insurance company.  This website does not make any representations that coverage will or will not exist for any particular claim or loss, or type of claim or loss, under any prospective policy.