Bounce back from an earthquake

With simple quake insurance to recover from life’s disruption.

How Jumpstart works

Simple and uncomplicated

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Based on insured location, your premium can be less than two coffees per week.

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If an intense quake affects you

You get a text message from Jumpstart. Reply to confirm you'll have expenses.

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Payment is directly deposited to your bank account.

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We can make it faster.

Payment is most needed immediately after a quake. With Jumpstart’s streamlined process, more people can get access to recovery money in time.

Back on track.

You’re a resourceful person. Don’t get your life disrupted for too long. Speed up your recovery with Jumpstart.

Never anticipated the expenses from the 2014 quake, none of them covered by regular insurance.

Engineer in South Napa

As a freelancer and part-time AirBnB host, I could lose weeks of income when a quake hits.

Designer in San Francisco

Built from science,
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Powered by data

Powered by USGS data, Jumpstart makes a “parametric” earthquake insurance available to everyone. Your eligibility to receive payment is determined by the quake intensity at your insured location, with a simple claims process.

Our CEO: Kate Stillwell

Created by experts

Kate is the former president of Structural Engineers Association of Northern California and longtime fellow at the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. She’s devoted to making our communities resilient to disasters.


Designed for impact

Jumpstart is a Benefit Corporation. It’s our legal obligation to help society increase financial resilience against disasters. Jumpstart’s innovative model gets more recovery money to people when you actually need it.