Software Developer?  Please Inquire!

We seek a key member of the founding team as we launch and drive growth.

You have front-end and testing experience, as well as familiarity with the full stack.  You will work closely with the marketing team as we implement and evaluate growth strategies.

We are just beginning our search, and a more complete description is coming soon!

Our Culture:
We are a Benefit Corporation and a purpose-driven team, with fire in our hearts and in our bellies to change the world for the better. Yeah, we work long hours, but that just makes our partners/spouses/friends love us even more because we’re happier human beings.

…some details:
* Competitive salary
* Generous stock option package
* Oakland, California location
* Flexible work schedule
* Target start date July 10

Send your qualifications to [email protected]


Growth Hero

(position filled May 2017)