Full-Stack Lead Developer / Head of Technology


We seek a key member of the founding leadership team as we launch and grow.

You are:
Energized by solving real and challenging problems, and to build something no one has before.  You adapt and iterate quickly.  You’ve survived an early-stage startup, and you thrive in that environment of multiple hats, limited resources, and ever-changing circumstances.  By necessity, you’re both a generalist and specialist.  You can easily switch between leading a team or getting your hands dirty.
We are:
Solving a real and challenging consumer problem that no one has cracked yet.  Jumpstart is making a first-of-its-kind financial resource that gets money in people’s hands after a natural disaster.  “You’re the only company in the world doing something like this,” a fintech analyst recently told us.  It’s automatic-payout insurance, starting with earthquake risk in California where there’s enormous need and and enormous market.  And we’re launching this month.
What We Need:
Our rockstar lead developer always made it clear that he was available through our launch, no more.  He’s so good we have doubts about finding a replacement – please prove us wrong!
Our Culture:
We are a Benefit Corporation and a purpose-driven team, with fire in our hearts and in our bellies to change the world for the better. Yeah, we work long hours, but that just makes our partners/spouses/friends love us even more because we’re happier human beings.
Required experience:
* modern full-stack web development including React, Node, etc. etc. etc
* early stage startup highly preferred
* consumer-facing products highly preferred

* FinTech, InsurTech, payments, or e-commerce preferred

…some details:
* Competitive salary
* Generous stock option package
* Oakland, California location
* Flexible work schedule
* Target start date Sept 1
Send your qualifications [email protected] subject line “Head of Tech”