Rick and Susan, Lafayette, CA

Almost Retired

We lived here when Loma Prieta stuck in ’89.  Our relatives in Australia called to see if we were OK – they had the impression that the whole city was in flames and there was mass destruction like in the movies.  But of course the news was only showing the drama like the freeway collapse and the fires in the Marina.  In fact, most everyone’s houses were intact and livable, including ours.  And I expect that’s how it will be in the next earthquake, too – just minor repairs.  And I’m willing to accept those costs as a natural consequence of living in the Bay Area.  But now we’re moving into retirement and god willing we’ll be around for another 30 years.  I would hate to have to draw down our retirement savings for repairs.  Luckily with Jumpstart we won’t have to – it’s like a custom-purpose savings vehicle.

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