Mick and Nick, Palo Alto, CA

Weekend Warrior

I chose this picture because it’s right before our first century that we rode together.  The previous year I bonked but that year we were together and we crushed it.  I think that’s a metaphor for what’s going to happen after the next earthquake.  We’re going to bind together, in our families, our workplaces, our circles of friends, and find a way to crush it.  (except not literally, you know, since it’s after an earthquake.)  Anyway, all that’s to say I’m not convinced by the fear factor.  We take a pretty rational approach to our finances.  Yes, in all probability the earthquake will happen, but at least as far as we’ve figured out, “total destruction” is fiction except the most isolated cases.  We’re much more interested in an instrument that pays for what’s most likely rather than protecting against the worst possible case.

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