Malia and Aram, Oakland, CA

We hella love Oakland.  OK I know, that’s totally cliche, but what we love is having friends from all walks of life.  We pretty much had our head in the sand about earthquakes until the lady in the apartment upstairs was telling told me about how after the 89 quake the building down the block was closed for 3 months – the building itself was OK but there was a hazardous pipe breakage or something.  Anyway all the people in that building had to find another place to stay and keep paying rent, or the landlord would rent the apartment to someone else!  That got me thinking…having a little extra cushion after an earthquake is going to make the difference between being able to stay local and be part of the recovery process with our friends and community, or having to move back to Reno.  I guess we can take our head out of the sand now!

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